Hallelujah!! AGAIN….

7 08 2007

Now, I never in my wildest dreams thought I would say Hallelujah 2 days in a row (fo real??) … I mean, I don’t go to church as often or anything like that but …. well I actually mean the recorded instances of me exclaiming this…anyway, I was going to say…..

That it’s OFFICIAL!

Tom Olga is now the GOVERNOR of the Western Highlands Province of Papua New Guinea.

Now, we’ll just pray and hope that we can deliver on our words and put all our effort into turning around the image of WHP to bring it back to its former glory. We are truly at the crossroad with regard to our progress as a province and as a nation.
This is the day when we either Make It or Break It.

I’m talking revolutionizing the entire administrative bureaucracy and completely revamping the government structure with new blood and fresh ideas to improve the standard of living and delivering goods and services to the small people of the land.

Its all about giving the Power To The People.
To educate the mass and enable them to wisely utilise their resources for their own progress and betterment.

God Bless Western Highlands and the rest of Papua New Guinea.

My Beautiful PNG



One response

22 08 2007

Respects to the new Governor of WHP! LOL!


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