door knocking

8 08 2007

With no traffic coming thru this way, I had to go door knocking ….this is a transcript of my email to folkes in my contact list telling them about this place….

Hey ol wandoks,
If you are bored catch me here … This is just a place where I setup just to ramble and rant about this and that and everything in between….
Believe me its craptastically sh!t…. Pop in if you are bored anyway……
Well I was bored anyway. You can say what you want to and do what you want to here…. In fact this is the only place where you can actually diss me and get away without me punching you head in…Ok, scratch that ‘punching your head in bit’… u know i would never harm a fly…. Anybody who knows me know I preach LOVE not war.
Welcome to…….T h e B l o g u s e u m
I encourage you to get one for yourself if you can kill time like me. ;-)See y’all there.

PS: Did I mention I was too lazy to write to the newspaper’s view point section ??? 🙂 duh



5 responses

16 08 2007

nico, great idea you’ve got going, just wondering if you got any news on the “renewable energy” situation in PNG.


16 08 2007

Tawi, I will dig around and see what is available. Will kepp you posted. Might post something here if I turn up enough dirt to get the grey matters working.

Stay tuned!


17 08 2007



21 08 2007


I think the PNG Sustainable Energy Mob are doing some projects, so will be interesting to see what they turn up.

If your looking for a story, see these:


11 10 2007

Mate this is a good way of bringing in web traffic from people you know.

Thanks for the tip



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