Kick ass ad from Adidas

21 08 2007

Martin Johnson Ok, here i was just roaming the endless ethers and nethers of cyberspace and then I stumbled across this image of Martin Johnson. Its 4 years since this ad came out but I just saw it today and was very impressed that I had to shelve my other subjects that I wanted to blog.

In my opinion, this work is nothing short of pure brilliance. I reckon the process involved in coming up with such an ad was nothing short of creative artistry, hence the outcome.

In fact, the ad agency (180 Amsterdam) that came up with this ad actually took out the 2003 print Epica d’Or award. Oh, and the Epica d’Or awards is the equivalent of the Oscars in Europe in the world of Ad agencies, Film production companies and Photographers.

Anyways, these guys also did this for some other Rugby players as well, including Tana Umaga, Jona Lomu and Ritchie McCaw. Check em out below….

The full story is at the epic awards site. Go there to see the details of the production process.
Epic AwardsPastResults


Tana Umaga Tana Umaga Jona Lomu Jona Lomu Ritchie McCaw Ritchie McCaw



6 responses

21 08 2007

Yeah I remember these Ads when they came. Totally agree with you that they certainly are brilliant.

Here’s another creative Rugby Ad:


21 08 2007

hahaha… the look on the ref’s face says he’d rather be packin the scrum wit the lot …. but then again, the direction of his look says he’s not watching the scrum or the ball…. hmmm … anybody seen the halfs??


22 08 2007

How bout The United Colours of Benetton campaign done by Olliviero Toscani. See I did pay attention during my Society and Advertising class back in ’05 lol


27 08 2007

Hmmm, I appreciate anything that involves the All Blacks. No really, they’re great ads.


29 08 2007

Talk about creativity!!
Amazing…….i am just comparing that to my somewhat hopeless efforts in arts.


13 11 2008
Rick S.

Damn they are sick.. so nice, the aesthetics


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