Finals Footy is Here

5 09 2007

Yippeeeee!!!! Its finals footy all around.

On the local scene, the Mendi Muruks successfully fought their way through to the grand finals to defend their title in the SP Cup comp this Sunday. Should be a good game between the Muruks and the Gurias. I suspect, the Muruks will retain the cup.

Now, for some inside scoop:

  • Darren Lockyer is coming to town for the SP Cup Awards.
  • Nickson Kolo from the WV Raiders is a contender for Rookie of the year award. I think he’ll win it, given his performance throughout the competition.

Embarrasing Discovery of the week.
If you go to the Lae Bombers website, you will notice they have the Webb Ellis Trophy on their homepage. For those who came late, the Webb Ellis Cup is the Rugby World Cup trophy. How embarrassing is that??
Don’t they have any image of the SP trophy? Is it because the Bombers have never won the SP Cup (ever?), that they cannot get a real pic of the SP Cup trophy.


Warriors Vs EelsCowboys Vs BulldogsSea Eagle Vs RabbitohsStorms Vs Broncos

Now to Ostralia, we have the NRL finals coming up this weekend. These are the teams I’m tipping

  • Fri: Warriors vs Eels :- Warriors to WIN
  • Sat: Cowboys vs Bulldogs : – Cowboys to WIN
  • Sat: Sea Eagles vs Rabbitohs :- Rabbitohs to WIN
  • Sun: Storms vs Broncos :- Storms to WIN

Now, dont ask me how I know these guys are going to win. Just bet on em and you’ll win. I have a secret but if I tell you I’ll have to kill you 🙂

Enough NRL already!

Rugby World Cup 2007

Now, for the moment that we have all been waiting for. The whole world has been waiting for this. For 4 solid years. (Caint believe its been that long). Its finally here.
Argentina meets France this Saturday morning. Kicking off the Rugby world cup this weekend live on EMTV (since I do not have cable 😦 ). But the game to watch is later in the evening when the All Blacks meet the Italians.

While on the subject of Rugby and the All Blacks, try check out this blog.
The Rugby Roundtable
A Close Shave <-One of his posts
This dude is funny – and quite witty – especially at the way he disses Aussies and refers to them as Crims . Man its pure hillarious read.

Havta call it a night now.
So long folks. Stay tuned and keep watching this channel.




7 responses

6 09 2007

LOL! Just visited that blog, bloody Kiwis!


6 09 2007

Hehehe, just spied the LBC bombers website….and yes, Lo and behold there it was…..the Webb Ellis Cup… “Definately an embarassing discovery!!” **ouch**


6 09 2007

GO THE WARRIORS!!!! (and not just because I live in NZ lol)


7 09 2007

did anyone see the NRL footyshow last night?
Man, everyone of those guys (Fatty and the crew) tipped all the teams I tipped for, ‘cept the Manly/Souths game.

My predictions for the Grand Final is between the Storms and the Warriors.

Whoo hoooo….


11 09 2007

Two of the teams I tipped were knocked out. The Warriors and the Rabbitohs. 😦
But the Storms are still my favourite team…


11 09 2007

Love your work son blogrolled ya keep it up!

Footy and beer a match made in heaven!


11 09 2007

I’ll drink to that 🙂

Niugini Gold Fever


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