Where I’d Rather Be (??) but then….

13 09 2007

Rugby World Cup 2007 splash

The sights
The sounds
The colours
The music
The crowd
The cheering
The mexican waves
The chants

The atmosphere
The electricity
The excitement
The passion
Brute strength
Killer ball skills

The Game
The Game of Gentlemen

Then there’s the Eiffel Tower in the backdrop. Tell you where I’d rather be right now.

……. And there was a Compo Claim, A bride Price and a Pig Killing … 😉 tsk tsk

So its good ol Boroko Market who sees me off to the game on the box with a loose cigarette and a dose of beteljuice ….

Aaahhh ….. the little pleasures of life 😀 😀

Seize the day, son!





3 responses

2 10 2007


Did you catch the Fiji Wales game? Fiji must have exploded aye.

I was screaming so loud the security guards next door thought we had a break in. All of Fiji must be praying for a victory against South Africa at the moment.


2 10 2007

yeah. Its humiliating for Wales to lose to Fiji. I was happy for both Fiji and Tonga to go that far. I wish our Pukpuks could atleast qualify for once. But im sure things will get better now, that we have some good sponsors on board.



2 10 2007

We’ll get there. We’ve always had the ball skills. Our players need to be more disciplined and committed.

Look at what our Kumuls did to an admittedly “Australia B” side.In league the semiprofessional SP Intercity Cup has helped to hone the skills and channel the natural creativity of our players.

Perhaps in the future the Super 4’s can also evolve along similar lines. This can only benefit our Pukpuks.


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