Independence To Have Precedence

14 09 2007

My Papua New Guinea
Here it comes around again. Another year. Another anniversary to celebrate Papua New Guinea’s Independence. The 32nd, to be precise.

This is the time when I should be celebrating the anniversary of the day these group of islands and its people stood up tall and proud to proclaim and “shout our name to the whole world to hear; Papua New Guinea“. Rejoice in its achievements and its wondrous beauty and blessings of rich culture and fertile land and bountiful seas. Accept her shortcomings, but proud nonetheless, that “this land of our fathers so free“.

Yet I have to put up with another hoopla about the Hiri Moale Festival on this day of all days in the Gregorian Calender.

Now, I don’t have any qualms whatsoever against this tradition and celebration. In fact I am proud to witness and absorb this festival’s history and tradition and see that even at a time when some of our cultural traditions are slowly withering away in the face of western influence and modernization, we still have these celebrations to remind us of our heritage and rich history.

I only want to see this festival moved to another day of the year. They can move it the Queen’s birthday for all I care. I just want September 16 to be left alone, solely for the celebration of our nation’s independence. All attention, all focus; should be on celebrating this day as the Independence Day of this sovereign nation that we call Papua New Guinea.

Even if the government through the National Events Council does not come up with something of a festivity or celebration for this date, the 16th of September is still worthy to be celebrated. In our own little way even.

If anyone reading this posting has found it offensive, then I just want to let you know that this was not the intention of this post. The truth often hurts but its good to tell it as it is. It is not supposed to prejudice against any particular group of people. Far from it. Especially at this time when we are about to celebrate our independence.

I am writing this simply because the blood that course through these veins and the bones that hold up this frame boldly scream out loud in Red, Black and Gold.

Peace y’all.




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11 09 2012

Is there any way we can get a poster of that sweet picture?


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