Dancing in the Mine Fields

21 09 2007


How can this heart go against,
The wholly,
The holy logic of reason?

How can something so wrong
Like a thorn in a thong,
Feel so damn right?

How can I still sow
When I already know
What bitter harvests await?

How can our eyes linger?
Dry throat, sweaty finger
When these eyes should be cast away

How can these tissues throb
Even at the slightest sob

Dare I disclose this?
The pieces of a thesis;
A thesis of psycho-anarchy?

Dare I pull her close?
One shot, last dose.
One shot, blood pool.

And I am afraid.
So very afraid.
Dark clouds beckon in the horizon.

From the depths within,
For your window to the world.
Your mind to digest this black.

For you!




6 responses

24 09 2007

Beautifully written!!

Thanks Rex, man.
I’m flattered really 🙂



24 09 2007

I wonder where the inspiration came from for this piece??


24 09 2007

Its kinda complicated…. really …. 🙂

To break it down simply, it is an over-condensed story of ones misunderstanding of intentions, reading a gaze wrong, playing dumb to propositions and invitations to read between the lines, trust and the battle of ones conscience to mantain their course while at the same time, using mirrors and illusions to give the impression to witnesses that you have not veered off the path.
And at the end of all these array of props for this story, the proverbial can of worms is still looming in the background… with its taunting laughter….

…. pheeeeeewww…..

… I gotta have a break, man!


25 09 2007

shit that is a mouth full…that is one complex mind you got up there…lol

you know i can be so full of it at times. Sh.. that is. hehehe 🙂


27 09 2007

no but seriuosly, wonder where the inspiration comes from? hehehe
OK OK I admit, ’twas a great piece!!!!! keep writing bra, u gat gift yah!

Feel red; but im black. 🙂 hehehe…
Cheers mlady. But bet Big-D would go, “Thats gay. hahaha”. 😀



2 10 2007

“How can I still sow
When I already know
What bitter harvests await?”

Been there bro.

Like you know there’s really no future in it (you’re in denial) but you just go ahead with it.I like what Paul said “Oh wrecthed man that I am…”

“O Wretched man” indeed. 🙂 ….
and in the words of ol Billy boy Shakespeare ” the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune” do toy and torment indeed…



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