STORMS: Super Team 2007

1 10 2007


Celebration Time
image courtesy of ABC online (01/10/07)

Whoo hoo.

After a disappointing conclusion to last year’s battle, they returned this year with all barrels blazing to take out the NRL premiership for 2007. Its two times for them now within their decade of being in the NRL competition.

The Sea Eagles unfortunately did not get to study their weather charts well and lost their way into the eye of the perfect Storm. The Storms spared them mercy and knocked the wind out of them with a blizzard of tries.

But from the outset, it did not seem as if the Sea Eagles lost their way at all. It was more of a case where their efforts to counter the attacks of the Storms simply fell short of its intended mark. The same could be said of Cameron Smith’s conversion kicks. (I bet people would start blaming sorcery and sanguma if it was a local match 🙂 hehehe) .

I savored the moment, being a die hard Melbourne Storm fan but I have to admit(guiltily) that I would have preferred a cliff-hanger battle than a one sided affair. The victory would have been sweeter.

But still, it feels good to be on the winning side.

You watched History in the making:
Did you know, that by winning the Grand Final, the Storms 24 wins in one season sees them as the only team to pull something like this off in 100 years of Rugby League history….

Ooooohhhh yeah!



Something worth mentioning that sent me reeling 🙂

During the presentation did any of you notice when Ben Cross (or was is Brent White?) who reached over to have a peck on John Howard’s cheek? Mr. Howard had to recoil… haha… it was hillarious 🙂




3 responses

4 10 2007
Wanna Be

Nothing wrong with a bit of competition ….


5 10 2007

I’m a Panthers fan!! But I had to support Storms in da finals as I may be in Melbourne nxt yr. Just practicing ma support for storms. But is going to be hard as you live in another state and follow another state’s team !


1 12 2007

Rugby League or Rugby Union? Which is better?
Personally I think Rugby League out classes union by far, though being a Wakefield Wildcats fan makes me a little biased! However I do admit that internationally Rugby League needs some work so Rugby Union has that on its side but what about the game itself?
It seems that Rugby Union is just a collection of dog piles most of the time followed by short lived runs which either involve running straight into the other teams players or scoring the odd try, WHY!?
In Rugby League I can see the point in running straight into your opponent as you have to make some ground only having six tackles to do it but in Union, it’s just a way of losing the ball! Fools!
I mean I like doing a little Rugby Spread Betting every other week but when it comes to Rugby Union, its just boring! KICK! THERE INFRONT! KICK! THERE BEHIND!! KICK THERE INFRONT AGAIN!!! OH NO WAIT!! THERE BEHIND AGAIN! RUN THE DAMN BALL!!!!
Anyway I’ll stop my rant here and give someone else a chance to say what they think!


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