Found a Rat in me Inbox

12 10 2007

Exterminate the bastaard

This morning I found another rat in my inbox. That’s right. A dirty rat.

Clocked in, logged in and clicked my inbox and there it was. Disfigured from continuous flogging by the different inboxes and email clients it saw on its way to my mailbox. Large, smelly, taking up space and simply being an inconvenience.

Yesterday afternoon it sneaked in, disguised as a toddler who was dying from Leukemia, playing its twisted tongue on the emotions and gullibility of people – one who so happened to have my email address and decided to forward it to me, so that AOL can give 5 cents to the medical expanse of that “poor kid”.
Dirty Rat!

On other occasions, its some stupid Good luck charm that has been passed around the world for the last 50 to 100 odd f#*king years.
Dirty Rat!

This morning, it read “Do you love this guy?” The body of the email had an image of an Anglo-Saxon “Jesus”. The conclusion of these emails is always the same. “If you love Jesus, Pass this on to 10 people or more.”

And if I don’t? I face eternal damnation in Hell, right?
And if I don’t, it means I do not love Jesus, right? Come ooofff it.
You don’t win souls by annoying the f#*k out of somebody?

If going to Heaven was this easy, why do I have to go to church and weather the monotony of another robotic recital of chants of “Hail Mary’s”? Might as well buy a computer, hook it up to the internet, start sending shiitloads of these emails to everybody in my contact list for my ticket to Heaven. Eazy Peazy? Tell me about another way you can get your neighbour to love you.

Dirty Rats! That’s what these emails are.

Dirty Rats!

I swear, from now on if I receive another such email, I am blocking that person from emailing me again. Be they friend of foe!


An Addendum

There are also hoax emails that get passed around about virus scares and free gifts, etc. You might want to check out these links to verify the authenticity of these emails before you pass it on to your contacts.




One response

18 10 2007
Wanna Be

I’ve recieved many of them myself.

I replied to all to say that the motive is just as important as the message.Paul didn’t go preaching around the then “known” world because he feared going to hell.He had a completely different motive. This is what shoud motivate anyone to propagate religiuos material.


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