A Temporary Respite

26 10 2007

Adieu (1993) by Jean-Pierre Perreault
Adieu (1993) by Jean-Pierre Perreault; Photo: Michael Slobodian; © Michael Slobodian

A few days ago I read a post from a fellow blogger (Mangimosbi) about “A guide to wasting time at work“. I left a comment there about how I was guilty of some of the items in that list. Seems my sins have finally caught up with me.

For I can see the healthy glint of cold steel of the guillotine through the bars of this prison. I can not miss the incessant stares of fellow inmates and their soft whispered conversations about my predicament. Although there is no direct mention of my pending demise, it still lurks beneath the spoken words.

By the time you find this note, the silent echoes of the blade bearing down the chopping block would have long faded. The blood on the executioner’s robe would have long dried black.

For I write this in the 11th hour of my life behind these walls. The fading glow of a dying candle throws long ghostly shadows on the grimy walls. Dancing to the silent beat of the flickering flame as I try to pen my adieu to you all.

Despite the bleak situation, its respite and freedom for me. But still a return I promise you. Like Gandolf from the Grey to the White. 🙂 (Well, maybe not exactly to such an extent).

Here now I sit and ponder.

To be or not to be?
That is DEFINITELY NOT the question.

To go out with a whimper or
To go out with a BANG!

Now that!
THAT is the question.

Peace Y’all.




8 responses

26 10 2007


See you round.

Look forward to hearing from you soon.


Wanbel stap bro.


2 11 2007

I wonder where you get your inspiration from?
Surely Gandolf the Grey (acutally, its now white) must have gave you a few pointers.
I so now end to life’s leisure in net surfing….this is my ultimate goal in life “To sleep on the beach, with an umbrella over me, a cocktail on the side, and ma laptop connected to the internet – oh….not forgetting ma mobile 🙂 🙂

Dreams bro…its all dreams 🙂


2 11 2007

I hear u bro.
But the day we stop dreaming is the day we stop living.
😉 so no harm there,,,



9 11 2007

aiyah, nu tena mol? Ok shit, i just completely stuffed up my attempt to speak tembka! I can see my muntka ancestors turning in their graves! What i mean to ask was: HOW THE HELL ARE YOU AND WHERE YOU BEEN? Lol! Pardon the caps….we WHPers tend to be loud, you know, how it is communicating across those mountains!

Hear from you soon.


9 11 2007

oh, dont you love it when you hear the familiar rumble of your tribal chants in the den?
lov it looong time 😀


21 12 2007

Hey IKang brat. Didn’t have d time to drop in here until I finally borrowed a minute from your sister from d Japanese mother. Anywayz, glad to see ur stuff here. I fell in love wif some arts stuff and got them clustered up on my blog plus some vids on YouTube (Kumul007). Will soon reply to ya request in a few days time after I go downtown. Kanda oh.


21 12 2007

hey, take good care of my sister, ok!
Btw, lov dem vids.

PS: Whats ur blog ady?


31 12 2007

Nice nice…you have a top NYE and Best Wishes for 2008!


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