New Year’s Resolutions

2 01 2008

Another new year has dawned. Its morning gleams light up your eyes with new hopes, aspirations and goals. New Year’s resolutions promise a better morrow as old habits fade away with the dying echoes of the last chime of the midnight hour.

The yesteryear may have seen a milestone achieved here and a dream shattered there. But all your troubles seem to fade away in the excitement and raucous cacophony of youths with empty paint tins for tom-toms in their drunken revelry. In the upturned faces, the momentous brilliance of the fireworks illuminates nothing but joyous glee. The silhouette of dancing figures against a bonfire of a disused Dunlop tire resemble the innocent days of stick figures and elementary.

You go home weary but with a smile on your face. All is well you tell yourself.

A cock crows somewhere and a clock ticks somewhere. You shuffle to the bathroom, brushing past the cobwebs of a drug induced sleep. One hand on the door knob while the back of the other tries vainly to wipe away the aftertaste of vile concoctions of hard drinks and soft lips as your mind struggles to piece together what little fragments of memory you have of yesterday.

Mirror, mirror on the wall. Who is another year older? A few more strands of hair for some and a few less for others. A few more lines in the mirror but you know it’s not the mirror. A few more greys, a few more bags and a few more pounds. A little less time.

It has only been a day but already cravings are skirting just beyond your peripheral vision. You know they will come banging on your door anytime soon now. Already New Year resolutions are being put to the test and dreams are getting hazy.

There is no doubt day one of 2008 will find you in the same chamber of decision that Hamlet found himself in when he began that famous monologue. But pray, you do not follow in his footsteps and prolong indecision and throw away your destiny into the winds of chance for one more year. Pray you do not give in to your vices of old. Pray you hold fast and true.

Wishing you all good fortune in whatever ventures you may wish to embark on in 2008 and A Very Happy New Year to you and your family.

Peace yo!




4 responses

3 01 2008

My New Years resolutions are already being tested but then I hope that everytime I overcome my convictions get a little stronger.

Glad to see you’re back Bro.


3 01 2008

tru tru
thanks for the welcome back, bro…
i was off the net for a while back there…
it was a matter of being at variance with those who were higher up the ‘food chain’ ….
🙂 hehehe ….

but still i rise

i rise *




3 01 2008

Welcome back!
I was thinking about making a New Year’s resolution… but I decided not to make out. Ooppps I think I did.. my new years resolution is to “Retire in 3 Years” 🙂 🙂 🙂


3 01 2008

nice one bro… i find new years resolutions dont work out for me… so i hav decided to try the 2nd or any other day except the 1st of January 🙂 …


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