2008 Begins on the Fourth

4 01 2008

Last night it pelted down in sheets. Like an oncoming rush of a flash flood, it came in a sudden torrent, roaring down the slopes of Waigani Heights*. It was an hair-raising experience just to hear the rush of that downpour.

The previous night wasn’t any better. Come to think of it, the entire day was dark and gloomy with scattered showers and drizzles.

The setting of the first night – or day – of the year was not any different. But then again, my recollection of the weather pattern of that day would be more than 50% concocted as my attention was diverted. Well maybe “diverted” would in fact be a “diversionary”(?) word used here because in actual fact, yours truly was copping a proper hiding from the men in black and blue, leaving him blue-black all over.

That’s right. I was at the angry end of the copper’s baton. Not seeing any end to the onslaught of fan belts and batons, the only alternative left for me was to take flight. The stomp of rubber boots and the click-clack clatter of a rifle being cocked saw me reach speeds I never knew I had. One small step for Johnny Five-O; One giant leap for Nico Blackman. Cut up and bloodied fingers and palms are the only evidence of my adrenaline rush that night when I tried playing Peter Parker over one too many razor-wired fences.

Already I have three grey days in this calendar year but I woke up this morning with a smile nonetheless. Three days and I have not touched a ciggy yet. That’s good. The jingle of small change in my pocket is a good sign too. That’s good. As I stepped out of the door, the rain slowed down. Ahhh…. I think I’m going to finally have a good day. As if on cue, Ice Cube steps onto the mic in my i-pod with “Today was a Good Day“. 🙂




*Waigani Heights is a suburb of Port Moresby



4 responses

7 01 2008

One day at a time aye Bro. I’ve been sober 6 days and counting.

Oh and don’t worry about the boys in blue they’re just toughening you up for the new year. They love picking on people aye. Why they don’t go and do foot patrols at Kaugere or Morata? Then we’ll see how brave they really are.

I coped a hiding once for just hanging out with my mates on the corner. Kerowagi Mobile sqaud were on “operation” (read belting up and harrassing innocent citizens) in Port Moresby and just because we were having a little fun these thugs nearly run us over in their Landcruiser. I’m picking up after diving on to my neighbours lawn when bam this officer of the law literally
breaks a branch on my head.I try to explain that I just live three door down but before I can get a word in he fells me with a left hook. So I’m just lying there curled up in a foetal position while PNG’s finest try to kick the stuffing out fo me. When it was over they just told me to go home, got in their cruiser and sped off.

I used to hate the cops.Its only as an adult that I’ve come to realise the important role they play in society.


7 01 2008

hahahaha… mate, the days of our lives as a residence of pom.


14 01 2008

Aiyah, can you believe I was subjected to the usual “hagen beats” on New Years i.e DJ bobo, some other techno and the usual beating of drums etc. Hagen was awesome! Hope 2008 is going well so far for you…..

Harim u soon.


16 01 2008

yes… 🙂 so far, i’d saaayy…. errr… i won’t complain….


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