Mystique Beauty

15 02 2008

A girl called Allure
An indecent perversion or an appreciation of feminine beauty?

She had no name.

She drifted into view in all her radiant beauty when I was out shopping last Monday. She was clad in gear that would have easily passed for rags on anybody else, but it was haute couture on her.

She removed a pair of aviator shades to reveal bright brown eyes that reminded me of sweat brown sugar at sunset. She perched it on a mass of lustrous black hair that had been pulled back in a bun, giving it an extra sheen as if it was needed at all.

She had that don’t-give-a-damn way about her in the way she carried herself and went about her business. Despite her seemingly nonchalant air, she moved with such grace with those well toned limbs, she was pure majesty. She was slow-motion in real life. She was poetry in motion.

As she turned, you could just make out parts of a painted claw reaching out for her neck from beneath the canvass of a tight-fitting Rip Curl t-shirt. This contrast enhanced a skin of flawless tone and texture. She wore a pair of faded calf-length jeans, the left leg folded up knee-high. More golden brown of silky softness teasingly peered out from behind those jeans through silent tears where the majority of the cotton strands seemed to have surrendered to the abrasive demands of constant laundering.

After paying for her items she casually drifted into the liquor section and picked up a 12-pack Paradise white can, payed for it and made her exit.

Awed by such beauty and intrigued with mysticism, I had to see how the story ended. Whether she got on her horse and rode out into the sunset or just disappeared into a tinted ride and into the arms of her Romeo.

But she was way too good for such cheap tricks. She came out and walked past every – mostly flashy – looking vehicle in the parking lot. Right at the end near the entrance was a beat up Land Cruiser, covered with caked mud and grime with a few 44 gallon fuel drums at the back. The entire setting was neatly complemented with three scruffy looking older gentlemen who were sitting at the back.

As she approached, they clambered down and she handed them a few sticks of Spear cigarettes and a Ten Kina note for their buai. After helping themselves to it, two of them returned to their posts by the fuel drums and the oldest of the lot got into the passenger seat as the ignition kicked in with a turbo-charged growl.

They left soon after, leaving behind a smoke screen of diesel fumes which hung lazily in the air but for a few seconds.

That was the last I ever saw of her. I probably will never see her again. Perhaps she was just a figment of my imagination. She disappeared just the way she appeared.

She still had no name.




9 responses

18 02 2008


Proverbs mentions something about drinking water from thine own cistern and all that but forbidden fruit is tempting aye.

Yu yet nau…

[hehe 🙂
But that was not exactly what i had in mind when i was writing this…. 🙂



27 02 2008

I was captivated by your imagination
Lured by your artistry
I am lost in your masquerade

Dang!! she got it bad!!


15 04 2008

I’m not sure which had me more entranced, your descriptions of her or the woman herself. Now why can’t we see more writing like that around?

She deserves to know that you know her from afar…


17 04 2008

thanks for the compliments, guys.
i can’t help but be flattered.

been away for a while there….


17 06 2008


I’m not Lezzo or anything but dahm you make this girl sound like one of those girls in the magazine you only dream you could look like. Very poetic and I thinkyou write with such distinctiveness. You definely need to write more! If this women only knew what your thoughts were I’m sure you would get a name to that face in a flash………


18 06 2008

come to think of it….
…. it was you 😉

Rock on!


2 10 2009

So captivating I’m so mesmerized…Such an origional and delicate creature…


18 08 2010

Wow, love your style of writing.


18 08 2010

thanks… Once again I’m flattered… really 🙂 …. its all a matter of trying I suppose…

I have been a bit slack of late and have not posted much lately… plus i have been tied up with other commitments like Hope Trek. Its a community Initiative that I have embarked but it is still an uphill battle…


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