Kaspersky is the Shiiiiit!

17 04 2008
A simple, yet twisted narration of praise for a software (….and some afterthoughts)
This is the first time in my life(!)that I am tapping away at the keyboard with a huge grin on my dial. Not that I have never done that. Heck, I live this shiit! 🙂 On most cases when you see me doing that, it is usually when I am exchanging stupid jokes with friends over the net or when I am “whispering” some sweet nothings into the virtual ears of some sweet, petite little flirt mates somewhere in the blue beyond of the World Wide Web. (Which reminds me. I caught on the tubic *box that some of these “girls” at often times turn out to be some mean, moustached, neck-less hulk, who had dropped one too many bars of soap in the shower block during their days in the Pen. Some say they would have easily passed for a hairy version of the hunchback of Notre Dame if only for a hunch and not the vandalism and desecration of their skin with buzzing needles and flowing ink. Uuugghhh… Shiver me timbers! Have to stop this, really :-p ). 


No. The reason I am grinning loudly enough for my gums and teeth to dry up from overexposure is because of Kaspersky. This is the first time I am actually singing praises for a computer software and am actually writing it down. Kaspersky is an anti-virus software. After considerable review and benchmark testing of all the big names in the area of virus protection, it is rated by most sites as the Numero Uno(or at least close)in the defence against these little gremlins. But first, let me explain why I am grinning and having enough affinity towards something as inanimate as a piece of software to take time out to write this piece on it.


I recently had my computer infected with a virus. It just totally prevented me from accessing the registry of my computer (regedit) to manually check for any discrepancies in the settings. I could not even get to load up any command prompt window. I tried everything all to no avail except the last resort of going through the tedious process of backing up my data files and doing a disk reformat and a clean re-install of the operating system.:-( Oh yeah. After pulling out what’s left of my hair, of course


But guess what? I finally got it up now! No, it’s not Viagra. After loading up my trial version of Kaspersky with the latest virus definitions, I ran a scan and cleaned up my PC with it. It cleaned up the machine pretty good. And now I can get both the regedit and cmd files working. The final thing I have to do is to find the respective removal tools and all should be good. Hopefully. 


Here concludes the story,
of how my hair was quickly saved from being crudely shaved!
of how “The Old Axe” was revived with a test drive!

Thanks Dr. Green Thumb. You’re the Shiiiit.
Oops! I meant,
Thanks Kaspersky. You’re the bomb!
Fo shizzle, fizzle,
wizzle, weazles,  Of Mice and Men, rats and referees,
dizzle, benzin, petrol,  kerosin, 
price is reaching for the stars na mi diring kold-o warra
Spoils of my soiled pants and toil to Inter-oil for my own oil
And the rest of the “izzle” shizzles are waitin on the bench

for now….



*Tubic– Derived from the word Tube and Cubic, the former word for the glass cathode ray tube  found inside the traditional TV set, and the latter to describe the general shape of the encasement(box) of a traditional TV set. Hence, the word tubic is used to refer to a TV set. 

Its usage is usually in precession with the word ‘box’, but technically speaking, such a collaborative usage would be deemed as a case of repetition in a sentence.


Go tell the world where you first heard this word. That’s right. History in the making, baby!





4 responses

4 05 2008

all message that i recive on my nokia fone is computer virus free….thanx 2 kaspersky…Nokia Message protector is powered by the shiiiit!!!!


29 08 2008

i think norton is much better..


1 09 2008

Shot mate!! I’m downloading the trial right now!!!

rait rait rait!! Thanks 🙂


5 09 2008

the problem with norton and mcafee is that i often find them having incompatibility issues with other software and hardware.


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