As It Stands: Kirap na Opim Tingting

14 09 2010

Wherever you are in your respective niche in society, know that you are but simply a medium of information and knowledge to others less fortunate in education and information. It is your duty to God, Man and yourself to educate and inform them free of bias.

To enlighten and liberate the souls of their minds to the endless possibilities out there for them to explore.  To show them that the world is much bigger than your pettiness and my trivialities.

Much bigger than your Sepik and my Simbu and your Morobe and my Sepik. Much bigger than your Southern Bloc and my Highlands Bloc and your Momase Bloc and my Islands Bloc. Much bigger than your Hailens and my Nambis and your solwara and my maunten. Much bigger than your SP botol and my White Can and your buai and my daka. Much bigger than your pokies and my bomb kandis and your gossip and my backbite.

(Wan Shane yo, Mi wanbel na full support long trupla toktok blong yu long Fonde apinun (9/9/10) long Rait FM – 99.5 FM. Kaim oh kinningk pii lde. Trupla!)

If you are reading this then know this. You are not the future of this nation. You are the present. You are the now. You have been born into this era for a purpose and a reason. Live true to this fact.

You don’t have to look far to see that this nation is at the crossroads and you are right there at the helm, with your actions, words and thoughts setting the course for this ship. Now ask yourself this everyday. AM I building up or breaking down?

Every single action you take counts on whether we make it or break it as a nation. Every single word you utter will either light the way or cast a shadow over stumbling blocks.

I therefore beseech you to let reason prevail as you abandon all petty squabbles and politics of your tribe and hauslain and instead let your being and soul feed the flames of passion for this NATION and its GREATNESS.

Live True!



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