Reflections on the Aftermath of Independence Day Celebrations

17 09 2010

Being a regular commuter on Port Moresby’s public transport system, I couldn’t stomach the idea of putting myself through another tussling match with fellow commuters for a seat on the bus, especially on the 35th Independence Day. (Not that keen on buses so I often get to walk to work and back on most days).

a chap with a face paint on Indy 35

As a result I spent the better part of the day at home and happened to be one of the late ones out to join in the festivities at the Sir John Guise Stadium for the main celebration. But by the time I got there, the party was long gone but that did not stop me from getting a face paint mask on.

Then I happened by several mini PNG flags lying on the side of the footpath like oversized confetti along with disused snack wrappers and other litter – which we so carelessly and mindlessly chuck away without a care at all. This is just a small reminder on the surface of the underlying sense of patriotism or the lack of it thereof, and what it means to be part of this young nation.

I was left with a bad aftertaste and a string bag full of disused PNG flags.

It got me thinking again as to what exactly it means to be a Papua New Guinean celebrating our country’s 35th Independence and my mind drifted back to the words of Reginald Renagi and Effrey Dademo on their take on Independence in  Keith Jackson’s PNG Attitude blog.




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