What Was He Thinking: Polye condemns reports over court challenge

6 12 2010

Do you sometimes pickup the paper and go, “What was he/she thinking?” Ranging from the outrageously absurd to downright ignorant and plain dumb, some of the articles we see in our dailies can really get you wagging your head in sheer amazement. 

I often do that too. Correction. I do that all the time when I pick up the paper. For politicians, leaders and those in the public eye, what is at stake is their image and what they stand for – or purport to stand for anyway. Their credibility pretty much hangs in the balance of what they say and do. 

Lately there has been a lot of such nonsense from our politicians in both our dailies and the weekly papers, that I have been compelled to dedicate a section solely for this. Remember the rather ‘philanthropic’ politician who earlier on lost a K1 million cheque in a taxi cab and later asked his wife to deposit their own 10 Gees to get a K12 million cheque only to find out they had been duped? Well, reading about such dumb-asses fuelled my desire to open up these series of posts.

Now, for the grand opening, who better to start with then right from the top with our good Deputy Prime Minister, Don Pomb Polye as reported by The National (06/12/2010). (I could have started with Somare but he’s away in some mining and petroleum conference in Sydney. Or so I hear.)


 Source: The National – Monday, December 6, 2010 … By JEFFREY ELAPA

 DEPUTY Prime Minister Don Polye has urged the public not to be manipulated and brainwashed by naïve political tactics employed by individuals and groups who are hell-bent on tarnishing the good name of the national government.
[“manipulated…brainwashed…good name…?” What good name? You mean the ‘good name’ of giving yourselves a hefty 52% pay rise while the general working population is stuck with a minimum wage that hasn’t changed since forever? Or do you mean talking about the ‘good name’ of the continuous heavy taxes on the citizens while foreign multinationals are getting tax exemptions for displacing legitimate indigenous land owners while wreaking havoc to the beautiful natural environment that I take pride in? I think we get the picture about the “good name” you are talking about here. What were you thinking?]

Commenting on last week’s Post-Courier reports alleging that the prime minister had lost his court appeal challenging his referral to the public prosecutor, Polye said: “I challenge those individuals and groups, including the opposition, to think about how they can contribute meaningfully to the development of this nation instead of engaging in counter-productive bickering over trivial matters, which, most likely, is for purposes of advancing their political interests other than anything else.”
[Good gracious, Don. What nerve. THE PRIME MINISTER being referred to the Public Prosecutor is a BIG DEAL and no trivial matter. Go ask any other country. We are not talking about a bus driver or office cleaner here. We’re talking about the person holding THE HIGHEST OFFICE in this country. What were you thinking?]

The deputy prime minister said the matter relating to the referral of the prime minister was being addressed by the judicial system and it was wrong for groups and individuals to capitalise on the issue for their political gain or otherwise.
[Correction! It is not called “CAPITALISing”. It is called FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION and access to information. It is called INFORMING the people on what is happening in the world around them, and that includes knowing about what our Prime Minister and the government is up to and what has become of that referral to the public prosecutor. Wait, let me guess. You want us to forget it like we did the Moti saga? Or the findings of the finance enquiry and what has become of it? In case you may have forgotten, this is still a democracy. What were you thinking?]

Polye, who is Works and Transport Minister, also called on young politicians not to be misled by the so-called veteran politicians who had little to show in terms of their contributions to the development of this country.
[So which one are you? ‘young politician’,  ‘veteran politician’ or a ‘bit-of-both’? And YOU have got to show WHAT? So do you want us to start talking about TRUE service delivery to the rural areas or do you want us to talk about the planned rather exorbitant Pacific Medical Centre? What were you thinking?]

“I further call on the youths to be vigilant and ensure they do not become influenced by the cheap politicking that is, unfortunately, becoming an all-too-common practice that unpopular and weak leaders resort to demean other leaders,” Polye said.
[Come now, Don. The fact remains that the people still need to know. Whether one is influenced or not is up to them. Let free will decide what they chose to believe or not believe. What were you thinking?]

He said there were more rewarding matters that journalists should give emphasis to allow for the public to reflect on and discuss rather than wasting time on exaggerating an issue that was still before the courts.
[But they do look into more ‘rewarding’ matters too. For one, what has become of the investigation into the death of the fisheries officer on board the foreign fishing vessel? These are ‘Rewarding’ matters that still have not been addressed by the government and the appropriate bodies despite being reported on. What were you thinking?]

Polye said while freedom of expression and information were the cornerstone of PNG’s thriving democracy, it was unfortunate that some citizens tended to abuse their purposes for ill-conceived motives.
[So if you know that this Article is a fundamental pillar upon which democracy hangs, why bitch about it? You play your game right and we won’t need to bitch about it. What were you thinking?]

What was he thinking? Or did he even try?




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8 12 2010

You’re on fire…as usual!!


8 12 2010

hehehe 🙂


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