Tamanabae wants his butterfly to do a phoenix

20 01 2011

I got a good laugh on Monday when I came across the heading “Tamanabae wants new beginning” from The National (Mon, 17/01/11). The opening line alone, as quoted below has got to be the biggest joke or I may have missed something.

“Like a caterpillar from a cocoon, we have gone through a process of metamorphosis since cyclone Guba, and in the New Year and beyond, it is our time to fly like a butterfly with beautiful colours.”

For the Butterfly Province, Tamanabae sure picked an appropriate simile to use in his grand opening remarks for his New Year’s address to the people of Oro Province. Let us take it one step further.

So the pupa has finally decided to “come out and fly like a beautiful butterfly.” I have a hunch this butterfly was coaxed out of its cocoon by the impending national election around the corner. 

“Fly like a beautiful butterfly” one would indeed. What with the sweet nectar of K410 million government grant. So it had to shed the quite stance of a pupa in a hurry and in a flurry of cosmic radiance spread forth its beautiful wings and swept away the gathered crowd saying,

“Through our struggles after cyclone Guba, we are making a breakthrough. 
“It is now time for Oro as a people and a province to rise and move forward into the future,”

Well 3 years is a muthafukin long time to be stuck in a bloody cocoon, if I should say so (ok I just had to say that). Perhaps being tucked away in such comfort for too long can make a beautiful butterfly oblivious to the stark reality of the fact how barren the landscape has become.

Now it wants the other butterflies, moths, crickets, cicadas and the rest of the insect world to join in, in its take of a Oro version of the tale of the phoenix.

Allegories aside, the funny thing is I have lost count of the number of wet crossings (ie, bridges have been washed away  so you have to manoeuvre the river bed to get across) I had to pass on my way from Kokoda to Popondetta and on to Afore and beyond. Roads with gullies in the middle big enough to hide a platoon. Dilapidated government buildings; remnants of the pre-colonial days overgrown with kunai grass.

The Girua ‘bridge’ still remains a makeshift structure balanced precariously on a few cargo containers loaded with rocks – which I should add has been washed away a couple of times already since it was erected at the height of the Cyclone Guba disaster of 2007!

The only excuse of ‘proper’ roads turn out to be those that have been carved out by logging pirates of unknown Asian origin who come with an Agriculture Lease (how they went about getting that still remains a mystery) and rip out age-old Kwila trees for K50 a log.


Geez. Now I have talked myself into actually wanting to see how this phoenix tango will turn out – whatever it is.


Afterthought:  Alas!  Seems TOURISM missed the dance party! 



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20 01 2011
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21 01 2011

Ha! what a joke!!
And on a similar note and on the home turf, whats happening with Kapal House? When is that icon going to be re-built?


21 01 2011

Oh well that’s another matter thats on going… there are plans under way I know but then objections were raised on the location and relocation and so forth … I am pretty much in the dark there…. But as you know, the political atmosphere up there is electrically charged to the next degree…
Expect something concrete sometime this year.


12 11 2011
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