Poem: Coffee

24 01 2011


In many a land well-favoured, crowds
They stand to proclaim their renewals.
And invite bees onto many a pearly stage,
Then yellow their limbs with their jewels
As bees in hype and gaily dances engage.

Some begin to bow under jovial loads,
As green gold replace many a pearly stage.
This transformation, bees send to hive
With gentle persuasion to kindly disengage.
Then days of colour prepare to revive.

O! masses upon masses, more beautiful,
Load grey brown branches. And between
Weary green leaves, paint them shiny red.
O red! pleasant red! a signal to convene;
Hurry! please hurry! or they will shed!

And men, women and children convene
With excitement and many a gaily song,
Under weary branches to lighten a load.
And then for many an happy hour long,
Bags after bags and more they overflowed.

By: Jeffrey Febi

Ready for the picking

This is Jeff’s second poem on this blog. You can read his other beautiful poem here. I believe both have been entered in the Crocodile Prize Writing Competition. For all you aspiring writers out there,  find out more information on this fantastic competition at Keith Jackson’s PNG Attitude.




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