Is this ignorance or simple oversight?

19 03 2011

A young Engan man incorrectly noted here as Western Highlands Province

My pet hate is ignorance. Especially when people who are supposed to know the ABC’s of their own country’s geography and basic knowledge fumble. In this instance I’m mainly talking about Papua New Guinea of course.

For example, when it sounds something like “…errr, where is Simbu? Is it in Goroka or Kundiawa?” Get outta here!

It gets worse when it’s a newspaper who, as I understand are supposed to undergo rigorous checks to ensure the information presented is correct among others like spell checks and grammar.

Shown here is just one such error where the young man pictured is from ENGA and NOT Western Highlands Province. It appeared on page 13 of the Post Courier (Friday- 25/2/2011) under the ‘Yu tok’ section, dated .

I sincerely hope it was a simple oversight on their part.



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21 03 2011

Here’s whats worse: Coastal people saying, “he/she is HIGHLANDS” when referring to someone they think is a highlander. First of all, the correct English is “He/she is from the Highlands” and second of all (as I have said to many people), “There are 5 highlands provinces, sh!tbreath, look them up and learn to differentiate!”


21 03 2011

In response to your question it is an epic fail on the part of the editorial staff and most likely an act of ignorance rather than oversight. It is the post courier and I remain its most vehement critic.


21 03 2011

You get 2 out of 2 for both answers correct!


21 03 2011

Why thank you, Ik bo wu i oh!


22 03 2011
Jeffrey Febi

Not again! Post-Courier of late has been getting many little things wrong; things like spelling and use of words out of context in a story are familiar sights. Is this the beginning of the downfall of Post-Courier?


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