14 days holiday for the guilty

25 03 2011

Michael Somare, PNG PM

After all the hoopla surrounding Michael Somare’s case before the leadership tribunal, the verdict of 14-days suspension delivered today at 1720 hours (PNG time) is a bloody joke!

A first for PNG, on December 8th 2010, the Public Prosecutor referred the PNG Prime Minister to a Leadership Tribunal for breaching the Leadership Code of failing to submit his tax returns of earnings – some dating as far back as 20 years.

The PM, doing what he does best, appeared immune to the requirements of the laws of this nation to temporarily vacate his seat for the duration of this process. He took it further by taking several counter-measures to derail this democratic process but all to no avail as it became apparent that it would run its course.

With bated breath the country followed this story. It eventually turned out he was guilty of 13   of the 25 charges of misconduct that were initially laid against him.

After a very expensive tribunal hearing made up of a star-studded panel of 3 commonwealth judges, the PM has received a mere tap of 2 weeks suspension from office.

Somare has again thumped his nose at the people of Papua New Guinea.

PNG once again becomes an international joke. I am laughing so hard, it hurts.




One response

25 03 2011

In the words of some of my less articulate hagen uncles, “what the blari f**k?” . Two weeks suspension without pay?
What was the bloody point of it all then, really?


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