UPROOTED – A documentary on land alienation in PNG by mining insterests

11 04 2011

by Scott Waide

“Uprooted” is a story of four communities in Papua New Guinea’s Madang province who have been affected in various ways by a Chinese state owned  nickel mine. Narrated entirely by landowners, it shows the pain and fear of losing their land to large scale development.

It also highlights the concern on the Deep Sea Tailings placement (DSTP) being the preferred method of waste disposal that this mine is looking at employing and is currently the subject of a lawsuit.

Dur: 21 minutes
Producer: Scott Waide




One response

10 07 2017
Lavina Enna

My Land, My country and yet My pleas go unheard! This story is shocking…politicians and their self interest can allow the hugest mine project that threatens the environment on land and on our seas..Submarine Tailing Disposal is a nightmarr for our Corals and Marine Ecosystems. One man’s benefit at the cost of the environment… Environment Acts are supposed to uphold the intrinsic value of the environment…


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