The misappropriation of a quote

18 04 2011

I received the following email from monpi of the Monpi Suite fame the other day as a commentary on the story that appeared on the front page of the Post Courier on Friday 15 April, 2011.

“Probably the best example of a mis-placed/mis-used quote….when JFK made that statement I doubt he envisaged it being used in the context of complete failure of a government in performing its most basic role i.e the maintenance of infrastructure and that failure leading the people to, out of necessity and frustration, take upon themselves the job of fixing their roads. Again, the tossers who call themselves journalists at Post Courier should be bitch-slapped!”


Local initiative
Post Courier on Friday 15 April, 2011

Photo: Post Courier, 13/04/2011

Quoting former US President John F Kennedy “and so, my fellow Americans, ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country,” the people of Kunakunai and Nangananga wards in the Kokopo District of East New Britain took it upon themselves to fix the Kunakunai section of the Giregire/Nangananga unsealed road. This section of a vital road link which deteriorated almost a decade ago will soon be used again after villagers used their own initiative to rebuild the road.
Pictured are a PMV trying out the road as villagers are rebuilding it.

You have to agree my superfly friend has a valid point here! 🙂




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