A National Monument is lost to Corruption

19 04 2011

The old House of Assembly is an iconic monument in the history of Papua New Guinea. It was there during the formative years of this nation. From the period of Self-government up to Independence from Australia in 1975. It saw history as it was being made.

Over the years this iconic building sadly fell into disrepair, but its worth was not lost. As a result, at often times concerns were raised to restore this historical building but nothing had come of it.

Nothing until today.

The article re-printed below appeared in yesterday’s The National. It was then I realized that our government and the bureaucracy had finally LOST IT.

This new development clearly shows us that the people entrusted with the responsibility to safeguard this country, its principles and our unique history and culture HAVE NO HEART  at all for this beautiful country. They enter into shady deals like this to sell off what is rightfully the people’s in order to satisfy their own greed and lust.

The same can be said about other sectors of government where little to no regard is given to what TRULY matters to the people.

Without further ado, read on for yourself and do please note the texts in BOLD. Those are for your critical consideration and opinion.

House of Assembly sold

Source: The National, Monday, April 18, 2011
By Junior Ukaha

THE first House of Assembly in downtown Port Moresby is to be turned into a hotel.

The state sold the site to the Lamana Development Group which plans to turn the historical building into a modern hotel.

The one-time seat-of-power is located in downtown Port Moresby, next to the AON Building on McGregor Street.

How the land was obtained and why this iconic building was sold to the developer is not known but contractors began demolition work last week.

The old House of Assembly about to be fenced in

David Western Constructions Ltd managing director David Kini said they were contracted by Lamana Development Group, the new owner of the area, to clear up the place. He said his company had been hired to demolish the old House of Assembly and build a replica of the building that would serve as a hotel.

“We have been instructed by our client to demolish the old building and build a replica of it,” Kini said.

The National visited the site last Friday and saw workmen erecting a fence around the property to stop public access.

It is understood that the national government, through the National Museum and Arts Gallery (NMAG), was owner of the land before its acquisition by the Lamana Development Group.

Nine families who lived in the area were paid K200,000 by the developer and told to move out to make way for construction work to begin.

John Sine, from Chimbu, who has lived in the area for the past 35 years, thought it was a joke when he first saw the contractors.

“It looks like the government does not care about the cultural and historical significance of this place,” he said.
“I will not be surprised if the government and other selfish politicians and people in authority sell the country to foreigners in their greed to acquire more money and wealth.”

The state and concerned parties did attempt to restore the old parliament as a national heritage and former governor-general Sir Paulias Matane headed a committee which attempted to raise funds to restore the building. Money was committed by government but it is uncertain where these funds might be.

The building was formerly a “whites only” hospital in the 1950s and was turned into a House of Assembly in 1961 when at the insistence of the UN and Australia decided to prepare the former territories of Papua and New Guinea for self-governing status.

Attempts to get comments from NMAG and the Lands Department were unsuccessful.

By all means, you can yell out FUCK YOU to the BLOODY SYSTEM and the powers that be that drive it.





3 responses

19 04 2011

There appears to be no appreciation of the significance and historical importance of such buildings. We gained Independence in that building!


19 04 2011
The Blavk

They would rather pillage and plunder this land of its natural resources and riches. Fuck em dry die!!!!


22 04 2011
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[…] this as a retraction to my earlier post regarding the apparent sale of the old House of Assembly to a corporate […]


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