Somare Returns: PNG’s Marble-playing Grand Final expecting bumper crowd

4 09 2011

The following is from a Facebook page:

“A frail looking Grand Chief Sir Michael Somare returned home today. Media asked Sam Abal where Sir Michael would be sitting his relpy “His seat of coarse” Going to be an interesting Parliament session on Tuesday.”
by Nius Meri – Sunday 4/09/2011
Oh yes indeed Ms Nius Meri.
But I must say, what an interesting photograph.
This photograph has a lot of differing emotions emanating from it.
But what are these faces thinking the moment time was captured?
This photograph certainly has a lot more than a thousand words riding on it.
This photograph is news.
This photograph is history.
This photograph is a book – an autobiography even.
This photograph certainly has the future riding on it.
Let the games begin!



4 responses

4 09 2011
aspiring politician

Somare needs to accept the fact that the parliament has decided on his removal. This is the only playing field that will decide on a re-election or change of government. The courts may ask for a recall of parliament but when you have the marjority in favour of change you will end up with the same result.

The vote for his removal was excepted with a challenge in election which resulted in 7o-24. Current opposition entertained this vote thus they have excepted for change to see if the rest of the parliament had
confidence in Somare.


5 09 2011

I wish I could attend that parliamentary sitting just to observe what unfolds on that day. This will definitely not help Somare, especially in his current medical condition.


5 09 2011
aspiring politician

Somare is out of touch with the rest of the world he needs to bow out of active politics, aging leaders like him should not be entertained in public office.

The country does not need him anymore….


5 09 2011

OMG Gaddafi…I mean, Somare’s back!!


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