Bench warrants out for PM, DPM & Attorney General of PNG

11 11 2011

Things are getting even better and more exciting.

Word from reliable sources reveal that “bench warrants have been issued for the arrest and incarceration of Peter O’Neil, Belden Namah and Allan Marat for contempt of court.”

Justice Bernard Sakora in a one man Supreme Court bench stayed the cabinet decision of yesterday and had the bench warrants issued. This comes not more than 24 hours after Justice Sakora himself was endorsed by cabinet to act as the Deputy Chief Justice after the suspension of Sir Salamo Injia.

In light of this, the remaining members of the previous government under Somare are believed to be on their way to Brisbane to take stock of the situation. Former Chief Justice and National Alliance strongman Sir Arnold Amet is also in this group.

The legal team behind the East Sepik Provincial Government reference of the O’Neil-Namah government to the the judiciary is also conferring in Brisbane.

It is most likely that decision on the reference may be brought forward.

Now that is something to note for 11-11-11. :/



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12 11 2011
Its all in the Timing: Bench warrants out for DPM & A-G « ::D R e a m z^^e d i a::

[…] It seems only the Deputy Prime Minister Belden Namah and the Attorney General, Dr. Alan Marat are the only ones who have been issued a warrant and not the Prime Minister as earlier stated. […]


22 11 2011

Its really confusing to see that the PM (O’Neil) demanded that Sir Amet apologise for his warning to the judiciary on a possible move by the NEC on the judiciary. Well, it turned out Sir Amet was right as rain. Come on NEC stop playing the blame game and come out and say that you all are scared of being kicked out of the government come December.


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