Shots fired at Govt house as O’Neil & Somare tussle for power

12 12 2011

This just came in from a Graham Robinson

“At exactly 9:17 pm tonight Hon. Peter O’Neill and contingent walked straight up to Fred Yakasa and his fully armed men and kindly asked them to step aside. Fred Yakasa was adamant in not allowing them however, a little push from the back with people asking Fred Yakasa and his men to step aside; “oi step aside PM ya” I was standing with a Post Courier camera man and a female reporter where I recognized the armed robbery police vehicles (Fred Yakasa’s unit)
I then cautioned the two media personnel to step back. The push from the back of the pack had a momentous effect on the PM eventually persuading Fred Yakasa to step aside and the Hon. Peter O’Neill walked straight up to Government house.
Immediately followed disgruntled police men I suppose, those supporting Fred Yakasa started shouting, “we are here to defend the constitution and you don’t respect it then yumi lusim na go….gun shots followed suit and everyone of us not in police uniform scrambled for cover….Whilst gun shots were fired Hon.Peter O’Neill was well on his way up to government house…the entire ordeal ended about 9:35 pm when the first of the armed robbery vehicles drove out followed by others…”

This does not look good at all.



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