A note on the current situation in #PNG

16 12 2011

This is a note posted by Jaive Smare on the current political standoff in PNG.

These are the facts and verified, you can confirm with relevant authorities and churches. Please repost. This information is important for national safety.

… 1) police action to secure strategic sites was done by police themselves to preserve law and order, and not at behest of either side. Police are united and focusing on maintaining law and order in Port Moresby, whilst waiting for politicians to get their act together.

2) Police action to disband the Armed Robbery Unit this morning was done peacefully – command made a request to the ARU personnel to turn in their arms and vehicle, which they did voluntarily.

3) Army remains confined to barracks and will not move out into the street. They appear cognizant of their role, and that they can only be called out by instrument signed by GG and to support police in response to breakdown in public order. Those conditions do not yet exist.

Credit needs to be given to the command of both police and army in terms of how they have managed their responses to this issue and maintained the interests of the nation at the forefront of their decision making.

I note comments from many people about what responses the public should take to deal with this political crisis. Please be comforted that there are many people, outside the two political groups, who are working behind the scenes to resolve this mess in a manner that maintains our rule of law and preserves the institutions of government and democracy that our enshrined in our constitution.

When there is a requirement for the public to make some public action, you will hear through public and social media including facebook. Please carry on your lives and daily activities as normal as possible, and respect the police in the actions they take to preserve order.


Also Marat and Amet will be meeting to secure a way forward peacefully, so please support them.

Do not put much relevance in media reports as their reports seem to be only worsening the situation. They are not getting their facts right. At some point, the news editors must get behind the leaders who want to talk and the churches and forge away forward.



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