Graham Osbourne’s deportation order smells junk funny like that KMC joint at Sea Park #PNG

29 12 2011
“I am currently on a break out of PNG however I received disturbing news this afternoon that Mr Graham Osbourne of Ela Beach Hotel fame has been given deportation orders. Osbourne manages the restaurant within the Hotel which is owned by Steamships as part of the Coral Seas Chain of Hotels in PNG. Although the Somare Camp used the facilities Why on earth should Graham cope the brunt of this Govt’s vindictive attitude towards people close to the Somare family. Graham is a well liked person n has given his life to PNG n to be suddenly told he is no longer wanted in this Country sends out wrong signals to the foreign community..I am simply disgusted. “
~ Michael Malabag
President of PNG Trade Union Congress & Public Employees Association

This does sound interesting. Can O’Neil and company shed some light on this matter? It is a reasonable call since the O’Neil-Namah government has made it a point to “fight and weed out corruption”.

It goes without saying that in our bid to uphold the law, we must weigh ourselves on the same scales. In order to be taken seriously, it is important that this government must not only be SEEN to be fair, just and impartial, but their conduct and orders must reflect their own words.

However, if O’Neil decides to instead stoop down to petty politics with such low pussy blows like this then it will leave no doubt in people’s mind that O’Neil is no different to Somare at all.

But then again I suppose I’m only trying to beat out blood from a rock.

I wouldn’t mind O’Neil giving Rumbinan Hijau their deportation orders though.

Speaking of which, I saw Somare having lunch with Syd Yates (Kina Securities CEO) not long ago. Would  O’Neil & Co give Syd Yates a deportation order like they did Osbourne because they had lunch together? So what are we telling foreign investors in PNG? Should other expatriates who may have had dealings with Somare in the past be on their guard now?

Skelim pastaim na wokim, Pita. Maski harem toktok blo ol toi arere man nambaut na bihainim ol. Wokim lo stail blo ol Pikinini Man. 



2 responses

5 01 2012

Deporting Osbourne reeks of childish spitefulness. My dear PM, deporting friends, acquaintances, associates of the GC won’t make him go away.


6 01 2012

It in a way reminds me of the closing lines of ‘Animal Farm’.


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