Gonol’s cringe-inducing policy statement

21 06 2012

This letter serves as a reader’s feedback on a full page advertorial which appeared on page 56 of The National on Monday, 18 June 2012, by Mr ‘Lawyer’ David Gonol.

With all due respect to Mr Gonol, I must say that write up alone has left me questioning his viability as a potential Governor of Western Highlands Province; or as he so arrogantly puts it, “the Governor in waiting”.

Given his profession and the office that he is running for, I expected an article that was intellectually scrupulous as well as grammatically refined. For a ‘policy statement’ – if it can be titled as such at all – it failed on both these fronts and instead, left me cringing right from the opening line all the way to the part where “The plant and animal kingdoms [sic] of Tambul/Nebilyer, Mul/Baiyer, Dei Council and Hagen Central” decided to join the party.

If Mr Gonol is reading this, then I suggest he fire his publicist for doing him the disservice of dressing him in a court jester’s garb with this sad case of a media release. After that he can go ahead and fire himself for even sanctioning such a write up to see the light of day in the first place.

This has certainly raised the bar of corny drivel to the next level and has debased our collective intelligence, allowing them to further condescend to us.

Grow up already, PNG.

Danny Gonnol's scanned media release

Danny Gonnol’s scanned media release. (Click to enlarge).




3 responses

21 06 2012

Here’s a pearler of a sentence: “He wants nothing but wisdom from God” – so why na yu sanap long ileksen? Haha.


21 06 2012

No joke. Its loaded with gems, The introduction alone makes me want to read in a deep voice with some upbeat hi-tempo music going off in the background. Move over Jason Bourne. 🙂 Hahaha.


21 06 2012

It should do well for him to run under the PNG Party banner. There will be a whole lotta JOY going off there, I swear.


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