Day 1: Kure Yosi – Social Worker

24 09 2012

Weighing in at 89 kg, the first day of my 30 Day Challenge kicked off to a rocky start but I never expected it to be a walk in the park either. It was a walk nevertheless; and it will be so for the next 30 days. 😉

The first person I bumped into was this office worker type in Westpac bank colours. Opening with a courteous “Abinun, bro”, I observed on the traffic congestion in the manner of small talk.  But I may have introduced myself too soon because I could see that he was all suss about me from the way he eyed me.

You could tell he was thinking, “Who is this mausgrass psycho and what manner of scam is he peddling?” He had a polite wall up, which he successfully marshalled with a brisk pace for much of the way so I let him be.

Day 1 - Kure Yosi

Day 1: Kure Yosi of Lufa in the Eastern Highlands

But then I caught up with Kure Yosi.

Kure seemed a friendly chap from the word go, all the way to the North Waigani traffic lights where we parted company.

He was walking with a very slight limp that I later found out to be a sprained ankle.

At 33 years of age he works as a Youth Officer at the National Capital District Commission. Hailing from Lufa in the Eastern Highlands Province, Kure resides at ATS* but on that day I bumped into him he was on his way to crash at his wantoks’ at June Valley near Tokarara.

During our conversation, he told me a great deal about how stuff works at Lagatoi Haus, and I told him a great deal about my new friend Jesus.

I thought that was pretty cool because I learnt  quite a few NEW things from this quiet spoken man and so shared with him my stash of apple. 🙂

*Areas within the general vicinity of the PNGDF Air Transport Squadron.




7 responses

25 09 2012
Jeff Febi

Bro am glad on your first walk you met a country man of mine…ehe…! Am following you all thru the 30 days.


25 09 2012

Em normal.
Wanbel stap stap, brats…


25 09 2012

Excited for the next 29 days. Can’t wait to read more.


25 09 2012

Thanks for following, o4owesome.. But I picked this up from YOUR idea of giving something away for 30 days. You also did that plastic free 30-days, no?
o4owesome most definitely. 🙂


25 09 2012

You are too kind 🙂 Glad those two challenges provided inspiration for someone.


25 09 2012

But of course. o4ori too! 🙂


8 11 2013
Usewe Kariko

Niicaux! Great read indeed 🙂


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