Thank you  for taking the time to visit Dreamzmedia.

This is a blog from Papua New Guinea that looks at a broad range of issues, ranging from politics to sports to art and popular culture and everything else in between. Occasionally, news materials also get to feature on this blog.

Dreamzmedia also accepts and publishes articles from contributors. Except for spell checks and minor grammatical corrections – where required, Dreamzmedia credits its source and publishes those contributions wholly and unedited (unlike ‘Letters to the Editor’ :)).

While providing commentaries on news events, Dreamzmedia tries to maintain a more casual, lively and frank flow of discussion as opposed to the more depressingly stiff material one would be subjected to from the mainstream media. It strives to give a balanced view of issues that are affecting the people of PNG from the perspective of the average Papua New Guinean critic. In saying that, every now and then discussions on events of more global in nature also get a breath or two on this blog.

All in all, Dreamzmedia is all about KEEPING IT REAL!

We hope to have you visit this blog again soon.

Now go spread the word to your colleagues, friends and families to drop in for a dose of that Keep-It-Real flava.


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17 12 2007

Kaim, Send me via this email, xyz@email.com
Kaim, am alive,,please send me an email right now…and will talk more over the net…

Yours kaim
Adams p


6 09 2008

Tenku tru long soim ol PNG bloggers!


19 01 2011
mypadmedia review

Nicely written. Keep it up.


3 03 2011
Lillian Maxwell Bunefa

seeking for fund


18 03 2011
PNG Informedia

Nice blog bro, keep it real 🙂 chat more on twitter


19 12 2011

New film looking at logging in Papua New Guinea, and the impact this is having on the environment and local indigenous communities.

The film is called “Bikpela Bagarap”, and can be watched online at http://www.bikpelabagarap.com

Please feel free to share this on your blog.



19 12 2011

Thanks David. I heard about this production. Thanks for the link. Will share it for sure.


3 10 2012

Great blog!


3 10 2012

Hi finah,
Appreciate you stopping by.


24 10 2012
pearson vetuna

gutpla blog stret.


30 10 2012

Great to have you come by, Pearson. Much appreciated.
Wanbel stap stap…


8 05 2013

hi guys im not a peot but a musician and also i write songs. im still developing my talent in composing songs and music but when visited this site it really inspired me especially in my song writing. thanks and thats all.


14 05 2013

Thanks for stopping by, David.
Have a great day.


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