The never ending story of Post Courier’s stuff ups

9 02 2012

David Williams highlights yet another stuff up at Post Courier

David Williams comments come in light of this news piece from Post Courier, a subsidiary of Rupert Murdoch’s NewsCorp.

How much further can we continue to get such sub-standard news service from Papua New Guinea’s oldest and at one time, one of the most respected newspaper in the country.

I cannot go for the competition either because  The National  is owned by Rumbinan Hijau, that Malaysian logging giant that continues to rape and pillage Papua New Guinea.  As a result, the only reliable source of news source for me is the RADIO and INTERNET.

Its time Post Courier get its act together.

*Transcript of David William’s comments

Can someone please explain to the morons at the Post Courier that the “Republic of Korea” is NOT North Korea … colloquially it is referred to as SOUTH KOREA!!
What we know as ‘North Korea” is offically the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) …
I am sure that Whie-jin Lee, the SOUTH Korean representative must be deeply embarrassed to see his country miss-named in today’s Guria … ” ~ David Williams.

An intolerable situation: Disasters in Governance

9 02 2012

by Gary Juffa

In the last few months, Papua New Guinea has experienced a spate of disasters in rapid succession. It is as if the elements of nature have spewed out their anger and Papua New Guinea experienced disasters from the air, land and now water. Yet it is not nature that cost the nation the lives of Papua New Guineas sons and daughters so much as human errors in judgment by those who had the opportunity to prevent the terrible events from occurring – humans.

In these instances, human beings employed in foreign owned companies operating in PNG. Yet even these agents are not to be blamed so much as the persons who direct and urge them to act and employ them and do so for profit.
These are of course the owners of the company, those who reap the profits of the business activities that generate the revenues for their bank accounts.

But even they are only partially to blame. For there are those who sit above these rampant profiteers in so far as responsibility is concerned, placed there by “the people”. The government, its elected officials and the departments and agencies and their agents, developing policy and providing check and balance, regulatory and monitory oversight in strategic and tactical efforts to protect the interests of those who need the goods and services provided by the profiteers, “the people”.

The events that occurred in the last few months are instructive examples of how the people have been ignored, left unprotected to the whim and will of corporate interest. While no one doubts the use and need for corporate activities and their benefits, their taxes, which they reluctantly pay and only if asked, they are in need of controls and regulations so that their fundamental ambition, their mission, to generate profit, often driven by the greed of those who own them, must not interfere with human life in so far as reducing it to mere costs on a profit and loss statement. That responsibility is placed firmly every 5 years on a select group of individuals chosen from among the people themselves, to act as guardians of the interests of the people and essentially the nation, creating and implementing laws to ensure that the peoples interests are carefully taken account of and protected. The consequences of the representatives ignoring their responsibility are severe. The people end up paying more then they bargained for.Sometimes with property, blood and lives…

In October 2011, an Airlines PNG plane crashed into the jungles of Madang killing 28 on board with only the crew of 4 surviving including the Australian (formerly retired) pilot, recruited nonetheless for one last stint. The entire country grieved for the victims who not included those that perished but those that were left behind with the sad memories, those that have been left will now have to endure the vacuum created by the loss of their loved ones and the consequences of their absence in their lives.

In January 2012 Papua New Guinea went into collective shock and mourning yet again when news of a landslip that occurred in the Highlands reached the rest of the country and indeed the world. This awful tragedy killed an estimated 68 Papua New Guineas living in the vicinity of a quarry operated by a contractor of the giant LNG Gas Project Exxon. Entire families were buried, fathers, mothers and children along with their simple hopes of a better life.

Whilst the nation was still reeling from the loss of lives in both disasters, a ferry overladen with passengers mainly women and children, capsized and sank off the coastal waters of Northern Province and Morobe. An estimated 100 people are missing, feared dead. Tales of horror from survivors tell of an ordeal that lasted mere minutes when the old leaky tub overladen with passengers returning from holidays, many to school was submerged by giant waves on a patch of rough sea and went down. Lower decks were filled with sleeping women and children. According to reports the ferry was overloaded beyond recommended capacity. Even more alarming is that the Captain claimed bad weather but had been forced to set sail by the ships owner or face termination of his employment. Merchant ships nearby reacted to distress signals and managed to save many. According to a report, a few persons were cut to pieces by the giant propellers of one of the merchant ships in the melee. The Australian government reacted swiftly and dispatched its navy and coastguard saving many lives from a watery grave. The Australian Political landscape also reacted swiftly, not missing a beat and Gillard took no time in claiming credit and offering condolences laced with condescending statements all in the same paragraph.

Lack of proper attention to the development, implementation and monitoring of laws and regulations, policies and procedures designed to protect human life continues to allow deaths of Papua New Guineans. The perpetrators never ever punished, merely stumble in their march towards greater profits, momentarily pausing to recover losses and regain momentum…and march on…seemingly untouchable…their investment worth far more then the lives of the citizens of this island nation, constantly and consistently in a state of non development.

The blood of these innocent victims drips not only from the hands of those employees, the pilot, the ships master and the quarry manager, but also from the executives right up through to the boards of these organizations that avid seek profit in Papua New Guinea with little concern about standards or regulations as demonstrated in those events…but drenched and soaking, congealing even in clots, are the bloodbaths that our leadership over the years have languished in, the blood of our people, constantly filled up by the inaction of those who we have elected into positions of power to guard our interests…our future…ourselves victims, our children lining up to become…. The worst disaster that continues since September 16, 1975 to this very day, is that of our lack of good governance…

Last moments of Rabaul Queen

K30,000 REWARD for Missing Scientists

7 02 2012

K30,000 Reward for MISSING Scientists

The PNG Institute of Medical Research is offering a reward of K30,000 for reliable information on the whereabouts of our five staff who disappeared last year from West New Britain Province.

Please circulate the attached announcement as widely as possible and across the country. Feel free to print and disseminate the attachment to whoever you think may be helpful. Please share with your friends, colleagues and staff.

Any information should be relayed to Kimbe Police (983 5075) or PNG IMR 
(525 0943 / 532 2800). Information will be treated confidentially.

Thank you very much for your assistance.

PNG Institute of Medical Research


Source: PNGIMR via Facebook

Graham Osbourne’s deportation order smells junk funny like that KMC joint at Sea Park #PNG

29 12 2011
“I am currently on a break out of PNG however I received disturbing news this afternoon that Mr Graham Osbourne of Ela Beach Hotel fame has been given deportation orders. Osbourne manages the restaurant within the Hotel which is owned by Steamships as part of the Coral Seas Chain of Hotels in PNG. Although the Somare Camp used the facilities Why on earth should Graham cope the brunt of this Govt’s vindictive attitude towards people close to the Somare family. Graham is a well liked person n has given his life to PNG n to be suddenly told he is no longer wanted in this Country sends out wrong signals to the foreign community..I am simply disgusted. “
~ Michael Malabag
President of PNG Trade Union Congress & Public Employees Association

This does sound interesting. Can O’Neil and company shed some light on this matter? It is a reasonable call since the O’Neil-Namah government has made it a point to “fight and weed out corruption”.

It goes without saying that in our bid to uphold the law, we must weigh ourselves on the same scales. In order to be taken seriously, it is important that this government must not only be SEEN to be fair, just and impartial, but their conduct and orders must reflect their own words.

However, if O’Neil decides to instead stoop down to petty politics with such low pussy blows like this then it will leave no doubt in people’s mind that O’Neil is no different to Somare at all.

But then again I suppose I’m only trying to beat out blood from a rock.

I wouldn’t mind O’Neil giving Rumbinan Hijau their deportation orders though.

Speaking of which, I saw Somare having lunch with Syd Yates (Kina Securities CEO) not long ago. Would  O’Neil & Co give Syd Yates a deportation order like they did Osbourne because they had lunch together? So what are we telling foreign investors in PNG? Should other expatriates who may have had dealings with Somare in the past be on their guard now?

Skelim pastaim na wokim, Pita. Maski harem toktok blo ol toi arere man nambaut na bihainim ol. Wokim lo stail blo ol Pikinini Man. 

Supreme Court To Miners : Here #PNG is Yours

24 12 2011

by Bismarck Ramu Group

The Supreme Court today, in a decision that surprised no one, have given the mining industry carte blanche to do what they like in PNG. Dig where you like, use whatever chemicals you like, dump as much as you want anywhere – it’s yours boys. That in essence is what the court decision is saying as they have allowed the Chinese government owned Ramu Nickel Mine to begin dumping in the waters of Madang.

In a 2-1 decision with Justice Davani dissenting with her two male colleagues Justices Hartshorn and Sawong came down on the side on social and environmental destruction. No surprise from Hartshorn – a former employee of the mining industry and is very proud of it. Sawong perhaps the most knowledgeable of the law of all the judges however should really be ashamed. To say the landowners didn’t prove nuisance is ridiculous. In a 64 page decison by Judge Cannings in the National Court 60 pages supported the landowners case. Cannings laid it all out in an obvious attempt to allow the Supreme Court to the make judgement. And they have.

And so there you have it. The Supreme Court gives the miners PNG and the people and environment suffer. As to future generations – who cares? In less that[sic] a week the PNG government gives OTML an award as good corporate citizens after having caused one of the worst environmental disasters on the planet – and having learned nothing from this or not really caring Sawong sides with Hartshorn – and says take the country boys.

And so what is left to do? Well Mr. O’Neill and Mr. Namah there is one thing you can do. What about it? You two know where the judicial system is at. After all the drama the last two weeks – let’s see the Parliament flex its authority.

source: Bismarck Ramu Group

Sovereign Wealth Fund Bill Passed in #PNG

20 12 2011

By Dora Gawi of FM 100

The Constitutional amendment to the Sovereign Wealth Fund Bill was passed this afternoon in parliament with a majority vote of 73 to nil.

Prime Minister Peter O’Neil when presenting the bill for its first vote in Parliament this afternoon says the Bill allows for the establishment of the Sovereign Wealth Fund where monies from the resource boom in Papua New Guinea will be managed prudently with best practices, whether it be on shore or off-shore.

Prime Minister O’Neil says the Sovereign Wealth Fund will constitute a Stabilization fund as well as an Infrastructure fund.

The amendment see the future generation fund disposed off, as previously brought forward by the Somare-Abal regime when they were in Government.

Mr. O’Neil says this fund will ensure deposits and withdrawals are in line with laws of the country and are transparent, where an independent board will be set up to oversee the fund.

The vote today saw three members from the Somare regime member for Nipa-Kutubu Philemon Embel, Member for Kabum Bob Dadae and Member for Kerowagi Guma Wau turn up to vote in favor of the Bill as well.

The amendment and voting today was necessary as required by Constitution to see that it becomes operational.


Meanwhile the Women’s Reserve Seat Bill again failed to muster the numbers required for it to be passed. 


Shots fired at Govt house as O’Neil & Somare tussle for power

12 12 2011

This just came in from a Graham Robinson

“At exactly 9:17 pm tonight Hon. Peter O’Neill and contingent walked straight up to Fred Yakasa and his fully armed men and kindly asked them to step aside. Fred Yakasa was adamant in not allowing them however, a little push from the back with people asking Fred Yakasa and his men to step aside; “oi step aside PM ya” I was standing with a Post Courier camera man and a female reporter where I recognized the armed robbery police vehicles (Fred Yakasa’s unit)
I then cautioned the two media personnel to step back. The push from the back of the pack had a momentous effect on the PM eventually persuading Fred Yakasa to step aside and the Hon. Peter O’Neill walked straight up to Government house.
Immediately followed disgruntled police men I suppose, those supporting Fred Yakasa started shouting, “we are here to defend the constitution and you don’t respect it then yumi lusim na go….gun shots followed suit and everyone of us not in police uniform scrambled for cover….Whilst gun shots were fired Hon.Peter O’Neill was well on his way up to government house…the entire ordeal ended about 9:35 pm when the first of the armed robbery vehicles drove out followed by others…”

This does not look good at all.

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