Kone Tigers welcomes you to #PNG, 2012

30 12 2011

Another December day lies painted beneath tainted skies,
As he sits perched behind burials of precious tries.
Here where young minds with aged gaits loiter and linger.
Here of climes that see one ciggy tarry on many fingers –
Burnt yellowed, like quartered buai that abounds,
Here see balls of vivid dreams travel in silvered rounds
under the jingle of a Kina and curt handshakes.
Dazed and glazed, yet an intense gaze to remedy the shakes.

Here where men of today and the morrow wrestle
As a synthetic pigskin sees heat of battle,
Here where mud, silt, shit and gore knead a dirty dough.
Reckless and endless till skeletal fences; show no dough.
Where rustic refuse of bygone grandeur remain in a Toyota Crown chassis.
Simile of resplendent days from whence this spit is its basis.
Here to the legendary servitude of Kone Tigers Oval,
Hear the Same ol’, same ol’, nothing really novel.

A lull settles with the drawn out toke on the whistle,
Letting to surface the lisped hisses of savanna thistles,
As Akon stabs the cool breeze with yesterday’s pop
From speakers which sound more like a flop,
Spiking the air with fast love and a girl named Candy,
Drowning out Tom Lari and Ambai Sandy.
An ostentatious voice stabs Akon in turn
and visions of bubblegum wither and burn.

As Enga-laced, trynabbe Aussie speak rumble out,
in plastic vowels, like irritants on his fucking gout.
The assault continues under orders from conceit.

Thoughts under oath from Keats beat a retreat
as freestyle fancies a chance in this trance,
With free-fall and shit-talkin’ taking this dance.
The spirited breeze in the cool of the day wears thin,
Becoming oppressively languid until it is but a din.

Corniness pervades the air further at 5 O’clock.
Enter Michael Learns to Rock.
Hell No!
Fuck No!
Fuck this gay shit!
‘S’time to beat it.
I’m scribbling outta here.
Like this roller-coaster year.


Exeunt 2011!

PS: Thanks for the extra PM. Now the world cannot resist #PNG…or somethin… Be seeing y’all 2012…

Exeunt dreamzmedia!

  • Appropriately penned at “2pm”, 29/12/2011
The entrance to the Kone Tigers Oval preludes the disgrace that awaits within.

The entrance to the Kone Tigers Oval preludes the disgrace that awaits within.


More Than Words

21 06 2008

 Need I say more? 🙂



















 A friend of mine goes for the blues but he had the good sense of humour to pass me these images. 



The Return of Lockyer

3 06 2008

Lockyer in PNG in 2005 for the Anti-AIDS campaign

Like most Papua New Guineans, I avidly follow Rugby League both here and overseas, especially the NRL. As a result, Friday evenings usually find me glued in front of the TV for the Friday night NRL games.
Last Friday night’s clash between the Parramatta Eels and the Brisbane Broncos was something spectacular. It was nothing short of a thriller and in my book; it rates with some of the best interstate games.

Earlier during the week, Fatty and the boys from the Footy Show panel had all leaned in favour of the Broncos to win easily given the Eels somewhat lackluster performance in their recent matches as well as the scheduled return of my main man Lockyer after recuperating from a knee injury.

From the first whistle blow, the game was anything but what the punters predicted. It had more than its fare share of blood, guts and glory, stars and villains. Both teams were going neck to neck all the way to the final hooter of the siren.

As the game was approaching fulltime, Krisnan Inu touched down at the 75th minute  for his second brilliant try to level the scores at 26 all. This brought the house down and Phil Gould, the co-commentator that night just screamed out “The gods of Rugby are surely smiling down at the Eels tonight”.  

The 5 minutes that followed had everybody on the very edge of their seats. Everyone was bracing themselves as to who would be the one to steal the cliffhanger with a drop goal. Brisbane’s attempts for a try were foiled twice within that time. So was Brett Finch’s attempt for a field goal.

Just as the final siren went off, the ball came into the possession of Lockyer – but rather awkwardly I should point out, eliminating any possibility of him getting off that one pointer that we were all expecting, leaving everybody to think the game would be carried into extra time for golden point.

But Lockyer simply jogged up and placed a neat chip over the heads of the Eels towards the left flank to land in the arms of Denan Kemp. The crowd, the commentators, the officials, everybody just lost it and the stadium exploded as the speedster Kemp crashed into Tryland for his fourth of the night.

That was the instant I passed out. The last words echoing in my ear as liquid blackness enveloped me were these ecstatic words from the commentators’ box:

“No, no, no. Lockyer, in fact you might be the football God”.




STORMS: Super Team 2007

1 10 2007


Celebration Time
image courtesy of ABC online (01/10/07)

Whoo hoo.

After a disappointing conclusion to last year’s battle, they returned this year with all barrels blazing to take out the NRL premiership for 2007. Its two times for them now within their decade of being in the NRL competition.

The Sea Eagles unfortunately did not get to study their weather charts well and lost their way into the eye of the perfect Storm. The Storms spared them mercy and knocked the wind out of them with a blizzard of tries.

But from the outset, it did not seem as if the Sea Eagles lost their way at all. It was more of a case where their efforts to counter the attacks of the Storms simply fell short of its intended mark. The same could be said of Cameron Smith’s conversion kicks. (I bet people would start blaming sorcery and sanguma if it was a local match 🙂 hehehe) .

I savored the moment, being a die hard Melbourne Storm fan but I have to admit(guiltily) that I would have preferred a cliff-hanger battle than a one sided affair. The victory would have been sweeter.

But still, it feels good to be on the winning side.

You watched History in the making:
Did you know, that by winning the Grand Final, the Storms 24 wins in one season sees them as the only team to pull something like this off in 100 years of Rugby League history….

Ooooohhhh yeah!



Something worth mentioning that sent me reeling 🙂

During the presentation did any of you notice when Ben Cross (or was is Brent White?) who reached over to have a peck on John Howard’s cheek? Mr. Howard had to recoil… haha… it was hillarious 🙂


Finals Footy is Here

5 09 2007

Yippeeeee!!!! Its finals footy all around.

On the local scene, the Mendi Muruks successfully fought their way through to the grand finals to defend their title in the SP Cup comp this Sunday. Should be a good game between the Muruks and the Gurias. I suspect, the Muruks will retain the cup.

Now, for some inside scoop:

  • Darren Lockyer is coming to town for the SP Cup Awards.
  • Nickson Kolo from the WV Raiders is a contender for Rookie of the year award. I think he’ll win it, given his performance throughout the competition.

Embarrasing Discovery of the week.
If you go to the Lae Bombers website, you will notice they have the Webb Ellis Trophy on their homepage. For those who came late, the Webb Ellis Cup is the Rugby World Cup trophy. How embarrassing is that??
Don’t they have any image of the SP trophy? Is it because the Bombers have never won the SP Cup (ever?), that they cannot get a real pic of the SP Cup trophy.


Warriors Vs EelsCowboys Vs BulldogsSea Eagle Vs RabbitohsStorms Vs Broncos

Now to Ostralia, we have the NRL finals coming up this weekend. These are the teams I’m tipping

  • Fri: Warriors vs Eels :- Warriors to WIN
  • Sat: Cowboys vs Bulldogs : – Cowboys to WIN
  • Sat: Sea Eagles vs Rabbitohs :- Rabbitohs to WIN
  • Sun: Storms vs Broncos :- Storms to WIN

Now, dont ask me how I know these guys are going to win. Just bet on em and you’ll win. I have a secret but if I tell you I’ll have to kill you 🙂

Enough NRL already!

Rugby World Cup 2007

Now, for the moment that we have all been waiting for. The whole world has been waiting for this. For 4 solid years. (Caint believe its been that long). Its finally here.
Argentina meets France this Saturday morning. Kicking off the Rugby world cup this weekend live on EMTV (since I do not have cable 😦 ). But the game to watch is later in the evening when the All Blacks meet the Italians.

While on the subject of Rugby and the All Blacks, try check out this blog.
The Rugby Roundtable
A Close Shave <-One of his posts
This dude is funny – and quite witty – especially at the way he disses Aussies and refers to them as Crims . Man its pure hillarious read.

Havta call it a night now.
So long folks. Stay tuned and keep watching this channel.


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