Unless otherwise stated, All images you find on Dreamzmedia remain the sole property of their individual producers and copyright owners. The author and content providers of Dreamzmedia do not claim to own them or any part of them. As such, the author has taken the pain to source the origin of these resources whenever he could. However, all “remixed” graphical content remain the sole property of Dreamzmedia and its owner/author.

The same is true for the textual content of Dreamzmedia . Except for some of the comments, all posts are the original work of the author. However, every so often, it becomes necessary to include excerpts of previously published works or simply to quote or re-post what someone else mentioned somewhere else in some of the posts here. In these cases, the author is meticulous in correctly citing the appropriate source.

PLAGIARISM is neither practiced, nor encouraged, promoted or condoned here. It is the lowest form of writing. Even lower than the dried remnants of the mucous, viscous colloid left by snails and worms.

So there!


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