A retraction: History Not Sold

22 04 2011

Consider this as a retraction to my earlier post regarding the apparent sale of the old House of Assembly to a corporate entity.

That post was published in response to a news article that appeared in The National on April 18, 20011 (which was also reprinted in the same post).

The billboard in front of the construction site says otherwise, hence this post has been published in the manner of a retraction.

This gives me reason to be proud and happy in the knowledge that as a contributor to the Nambawan Super Fund, my money is being put to good use on a worthy cause.

(Still, the copywriter of the billboard should be fired for misspelling the name of the major benefactor of this worthy initiative. :))

Happy Easter!

Rebuilding the old House of Assembly. Picture courtesy of Paul Barker, 2011.



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