Some videos of note from PNG

“This is the trailer for Bikpela Bagarap (Big Damage) 43mins, a documentary that reveals the “human face” of logging in Sandaun Province, Papua New Guinea.

It is a tale of exploitation and broken promises, where local people are treated as second-rate citizens in their own country by Malaysian logging companies and corrupt politicians.

Customary landowners are forced into signing documents they don’t understand, for the promise of “development” – fresh water, health and education, but these essential services are rarely provided. Instead, their traditional hunting grounds are destroyed, waterways polluted, and their way of life ruined forever.”

You can view the feature length video at


Long Tuhat Bilong Mipla Yet (from our own sweat) is the story of a local community in PNG who have worked at the grassroots level to help themselves.


Uprooted is a story of four communities in Papua New Guinea’s Madang province who have been affected in various ways by a Chinese state owned owned nickel mine. Narrated entirely by landowners, it shows the pain and fear of losing their land to large scale development. It also highlights the concerns related to Deep Sea Tailings placement (DSTP) the preferred method of mine waste disposal.


2 responses

6 09 2012
Bid Ambassi

That is the reason why Sandaun Province is not developing. We have our politicians who are holding onto top political posts in the country, but they go for fame. All they want is power and big name. they wnat their names to be heard nationally and internationally. shame on them.


6 09 2012
Bid Ambassi

I am from Sandaun Province and I am not really happy of the way our Sandaun Parliamentarians are doing. Since the last 5 years I havent heard of our leaders joing hands together to bring effective service delivery to our people. They have been neglected and being cheated and blasphemed. I know our leaders have been together during provincial assembly meetings, and if they have been gaheterd for provincial assembly meetings, where is the fruit of such gatherings? What do they used to discuss? How much have they contributed together for our province? I can say that our politicians are bunch of idiots.


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